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Cathay Dupont job recruitment website is a website that provides you with varieties of opportunities to secure a job. Are you in search of greener pasture? This may be your chance to get a good job in Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries with a strong economic standing.

Working for a firm is not just about the income. Sometimes, the know-how and the things you would learn while doing your job is what workers look for in a company. A lot of college graduates and undergraduates from different countries search for a good firm. The working class would like to impact and improve their skills in a dependable company that can give them security of tenure.

The job market in Seoul Korea is in a good standing. A lot of firms look for persons interested in working for them. They search for persons who are willing to impart their skills and capabilities that would help in improving the company’s working environment. However, it is not that easy to get a job in Korea.


You may have found some review about the Korean job market having shortage in occupations because they rely heavily on exports. There are firms in the country that offers short-term and long-term jobs. However, persons who are interested to work may need to undergo some tedious process.

Individuals are allowed to enter and apply for work in Korea if they qualify for a work visa. Graduates and job-seekers usually find occupation prior to entering the country. In that way, they will avoid any problems getting a visa. That may not always be the case. Citizens from another country can only work if they have complete requirements including visa approved by the Korean embassy. The firms located in the Seoul or other places in Korea have this usual policy.


The major industries in the country are automobile production, electronics, steel and mobile telecommunications, semiconductors, shipbuilding, and more. Recruitment agencies offer overseas employment. It is one of the common ways used by persons who are looking for a job abroad. A lot of job openings are being offered by outsourcing firms. Sending an application to firms like Cathay Dupont can be your key to working in Korea.

Contrariwise, the persons are advised to be aware of fraud outsourcing firms that may offer sham job vacancies. The scam involves luring persons to give them money declared as “placement fee”. Placement fees are given for funding the application process of job applicants for working overseas. However, bogus recruitment firms put it in their own pockets instead of carrying out the process.

The embassy gives warning to job-seekers before sending their application to outsourcing agencies they might find in person or online. They receive a complaint regarding job hunting. Fraud recruitment services are becoming rampant not only Korea but also in other Asian countries. Persons searching for job vacancies abroad should only go to legitimate firms such as Cathay Dupont to ensure getting the job they’re applying for.

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Cathay Dupont Health Complaint Towards Japan’s Award Winning Working Industry

The Japanese employees are described as one of the hardest-working employees in the world. Hard work isn’t a negative trait but it may be damaging if it’s too much. Workers in the country thrive for excellence and perfection. Due to hard work, some people literally work themselves to death.


Warning from Cathay Dupont: Travel Awards Not a Ticket to Work in Japan

Warning from Cathay Dupont: Travel Awards Not a Ticket to Work in Japan

If you win a travel spree, you may think of Japan as one of your desired destinations. However, will a travel award be able to help you have a trouble-free vacation?

Nowadays, travelling has become easier. If you already have the funds, booking an agent can ease the process for necessary documents and stuff needed for travel. If you are lucky enough, you may also win travel awards from contests, organization, or other means.

Awkward award

Then get too excited in case you received a message that you have won a travel award. There were people who filed a complaint against fraud companies that fooled them by giving thousands worth of travel spree.

Free travel—it’s a good thing to hear without knowing the conditions. But the culprit behind the scam isn’t really there to give a chance for people to go on a journey for free. Some people who have received the award thought it was their key to working in Japan or overseas.

People who receive such grant must review the terms and conditions first before complying. There may be irregularities in the offer which can lead to fraud activities or transactions.

What to do?

It is important to read and review the fine print. It is a way to check the legitimacy of the travel grant you may have won or received. Travel schedule, itinerary, flight details, and other information must be in detail. The breakdown of the expenses must also be present.

If you decided to claim and comply with the requirements of travel grant you received, make sure to get the invoice and other necessary documents. It is one of the important documents that you need in case problems arise before or during your trip.

Travel awards may not be recommended for individuals planning to get a chance to work in Japan. The Japanese embassy is strict with their rules and requirements. Passport is not enough. Without any visa, foreigners will have a hard time to fly to Tokyo, Osaka, or other parts of the country.

Work in Japan

The Japanese working class puts a great effort in their work. A lot of Japanese companies are hiring foreign nationals to be a part of their firm. It is better to apply for a company that will help in easing the process of getting a working visa.

Foreigners who want to go to Japan needs to submit necessary documents for Visa. The Japanese embassy requires the people to submit the requirements for Visa processing—may it be for travel or job opportunity. The individual must have his visa approved before getting the chance to go to the country.

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